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15 Pregnancy Pics Of The Kar-Jenners

Baby Buzz

It seems like whenever people turn around there is another Kardashian or Jenner who is pregnant. In fact, they have all been pregnant except for Kendall. The KarJenners are all becoming mamas! Kim has...

15 Facts About The Last Month Of Pregnancy

Belly Talk

The last month of pregnancy is full of a variety of emotions. Moms are excited to meet their baby soon. On the other hand, they might also be a little fed up, maybe even a little angry, as they have b...

21 Pics Of Snooki As A Mom

Baby Buzz

Snooki. Does anyone not know this girl?! Snooki really made a name for herself after starring in the hit MTV reality show, Jersey Shore. Anyone and everyone followed her antics as she teamed up with h...

14 Family Holiday Traditions


Tis the season for annoyingness. The holidays can bring out the best- or worst- in people. You do not have to call yourself Scrooge to want to gag at some of the family holiday traditions that people ...

15 Hilarious Pics Of Kids Cutting Their Own Hair


All moms want their children to grow to be independent. But what happens when they take it upon themselves to perform an independent task that perhaps they were not exactly ready for?! The answer: hil...

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