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20 Baby Boy Names No One's Choosing Anymore

Baby Names

There's good reason why some boy names are dropped and never picked up again. They have what I call the 'urgh factor,' and are anything but beautiful sounding...and naturally you want your baby's name...

20 Baby Names Taking Over The UK Right Now

Baby Names

The last time I wrote a baby name article, I think I mentioned that my partner and I were having a difficult time coming to an agreement about a name. Well, we're no nearer to getting it resolved! Rid...

20 Best Middle Names To Make Baby Stand Out

Baby Names

I do not think my parents were thinking 'we want a middle name that stands out' when they choose Marie as my middle name. It's a common choice for little girls, so probably not one you want to go with...

15 Women Who Induced Too Early


The do-it-yourself abortion is becoming an ever more common practise among women, both in countries which do not place huge stigma on abortion, and places where it's illegal, including Ireland, Pakist...

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