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15 Traps Sickos Are Using To Lure Kids


It’s uncomfortable and sad to even think about how pedophiles are luring children but in our current digital world, it’s also absolutely important. The worst part is that most traps are actually inadv...

14 Signs Dad Is Capable Of Hurting The Baby


More fathers kill their children than mothers. Is that surprising? Whenever a mother kills her children, it’s always plastered all over the news and with due cause, given that mothers are seen as nurt...

17 Strong AF Women Who Birthed Without Fear


Every single day social media is bombarded with tragic stories, but what about the ones of strong women who labored without fear? These women deserve recognition as well, especially since these storie...

20 Baby Names If You Love Hockey

Baby Names

Sometimes, hockey-obsessed husbands have the wildest baby name ideas. Nearly every year, at least one hockey dad-to-be proposes the name “Gretzky” and while some have undoubtedly succeeded, many other...

26 Baby Names For A Future Athlete

Baby Names

Forget about labor, picking a baby name is the hardest thing moms will ever do during pregnancy. For some it’s as easy as paying tribute to a loved one or a friend, but others draw inspiration from TV...

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